The time has come…

I have to break the silence that has been moving inside of me.  We all must change to make the world a better place for future generations.  We have allowed our humanity to fall as low as the animal.  We have taken animals as friends and treat people as chattel.  Why the book now?  One may ask.  There is no better time than now.  Everything is ripe.  We have politicians with no real agenda for the masses.  We have prison cells overflowing with mentally sick people without proper treatment.  We have innocent people that spend decades in prison.  The system is broken.  We have to fix it!

Incarcerated:  How Prison Saved My Life A Memoir

There are many people that will talk about this book.  Some of the people will wonder what role they will play in the book.  Some will worry about what I may say.  One thing is for sure:  I will tell the truth as I remember it.  This is a tell all within some limits.  I will keep some people from harms way.  The drug business is a dirty and risky business.  People die every day as a result of dealing in the drug sector.  My book is a message oriented book.  I will have to use real people to share my experience.  I have waited long enough for people to get out of the way of my words.  My intent is not to harm anyone with my words.  If one becomes offended then that’s a part of life.  Please do understand that I have a duty to clean up part of the mess that I contributed to in my community.  I do not live in a hood or ghetto.  That is a state of mind or being.  The projects were a major project.

This book is being released 21 years after my release.  My goal is to reach the youth first.  This is my ounce of prevention.  Secondly, I want to reach anyone that has an ear and willing to listen to where I’m coming from.  I will walk with you on this journey of my life.  I will do videos to help the story line remain fluid.  I will not be moved by the fact that some people will not agree with my story.  I’m telling it as I see it.  I have something to say and maybe it will start the dialogue and change that’s needed.  We all have skeletons in our closet or a few bones lying around.  Don’t worry I promise what happened in prison will not stay in prison.  If it happened in the streets 30 years ago it will not stay in the streets.  It’s water under the bridge.  I need to make this message plain as possible.  The people I dealt with some 3o years ago should be happy that I changed for the better.  Most people that go to prison become worse than they went in.  That’s why I’m pushing for the youth not to go down that road.  I’m mentally and spiritually healthy because I immersed myself in guidance through books.  I know where I stand.  I received a 40-year sentence because I refused to snitch.  This book is a teaching moment for my community.  I will share with the reader in such a way that makes logical sense…..