Scarface the movie was released in December of 1983. The movie had such a far-reaching impact on the urban communities. It had all of the elements of material emotions. The drugs, money, cars, murder, friendship,deceit,bad cops, and a sinister ending. The movie portrayed Tony Montana as a good and bad guy. It subliminally suggested to wanna be Montana’s this is how you do it to become successful. It made murder a necessary evil. Committing murder was just part of the business. It also showed Tony going against every principle he suggested to the viewer which is why so many urban youths became disillusioned by the mere thought of doing the right thing in the drug business. How can one take poison on one hand and sell it to make another person miserable and find joy in spending the proceeds? We were brainwashed by another made in Hollywood story. The sad part is that Scarface was not the first and obviously will not be the last movie of its type. Hence, our communities have been placed in disrepair. Because of the story lines that have given us a false idea of success in the drug business.